Hello again, dear reader.

Well here we are - less than 10 days from Maker Faire Pittsburgh and MoNet's official launch!

Since there are still last minute details to take care of, this week's post is going to be a short one.

So what's happening?

Over the weekend and the past few days we've run tests on MoNet's ability to paint and using an image sent from its official 'submission' page. So far, everything looks good - the airbrush is working as it should, we're happy with the paint spray, and color shifting is pretty seamless.

With this change to airbrush, however, we're redesigning the Y-axis part of MoNet to suit it. That's what's keeping Jack occupied this week.

Meanwhile on the website...

You might have already noticed, but we've also updated the project MoNet website with a new look. There's another addition in the works, an in-depth look at the processes making MoNet possible for the tech curious which will be out next week sometime. So be sure to stop by and take a look then.

Closing Thoughts

Apart from some general nervousness and the aforementioned last minute details to finish, we're ready to go for next Saturday. This Saturday we'll be finding out our booth number and will share that on our Twitter and Facebook pages (@robomonet and @projectmonet respectively.)

When we do, and if you've got some time to spare on the 15th, we hope you'll stop down and see us!

Until next week!