Hello dear reader.

Well, quite a few things have happened since our last post.

Gallery Updates

MoNet's gallery is progressing (our header image is above,) and we've got some sample images in there for testing purposes. It'll support multiple pics and you'll be able to switch between thumbnail images. Unfortunately, it's not live yet...we'll have to retire the colorwall before the gallery can be merged in. Speaking of which...

Colorwall Update

After a brief hiatus, the colorwall is back online. So until we can merge the two together, take a minute to visit the colorwall and play around! Add some colors to it, see how it works.

Parts & Labor

Last time we went through the official MoNet shopping list, and talked about the missing bits. Thankfully, the rest of the parts have arrived so the official construction can begin! Barring scheduling difficulties (and really, when are there ever problems with getting people together?) we're looking at getting started next week/weekend.

Pics will be posted as MoNet's construction progresses!


With 86 Days left until Maker Faire, there's still a lot of work remaining. Next week will be CAD and laser cutting the chassis and beyond that, there's still coding to be done. We can't wait.

Onward to October!