Greetings dear reader.

With 31 days left, we finished up our 2nd build session! Saturday was another eventful day, as you no doubt guessed. Items on the agenda:

  • Put our new boards together
  • Get the easel rigged up and ready
  • Play with paint*

*Editor's Note: The technical term for getting the paint system set up, if not functioning.

With our "hello world" finished, this session was all about the hardware problems. Namely, prepping MoNet's's a look at what we started Saturday with.

Step 1 - Soldering!

Jack at work.

The first part of the day was spent putting our new boards together. This involved attaching surface mounts and a brand header - along with a few other items.

(For the record, there's a reason the pic is zoomed in so far...these things are tiny.)

  • Capacitors - to store electric charges.
  • Resistors - to reduce any errant electrical currents on the board.
  • Motor Drivers - to take a low voltage signal and turn into a high voltage one, and run the paint pumps.

Step 2 - Construction!

With the board complete, we moved on to hooking up the drive chain. In order to get paint from the containers, Jack strung tubes up through the chain:

Currently, the plan is to have the containers sit on the ground and a sort of counterweight system, so they can move with the brush head.

Apart from having to glue some screws to the frame (strong vibrations kept loosening them up) there wasn't much that needed done with the easel's frame. There was a point we had to stop and consider though - how are we going to mix the paint?

That's a question we hope to have an answer for by the next build session.

For some post-session thoughts, we've moved from drywall to traditional canvas for our painting. We've also got some issues to work out with smooth movements on the tracks.

There was one more thing that came out of the build session though. Check our Facebook page for the video!

Until next time!