Hello again, dear reader.

Over the past few days, our code underwent its final tweaks which, like the title says, means the software side of MoNet is complete. You can visit the color sampling page to get a feel for how it works at the usual place. Come Saturday you'll be able to use this page to control how MoNet paints!

We're going to keep this week's post short while we finish up. Here's what we've been up to:

Color Boosting

By way of a "last minute" addition, we've added color boosting to MoNet. Now we can selectively increase the amount of red/yellow/etc. being used for a given painting. Speaking of which, that leads nicely into our next point...

Last Minute Issues

Since improvement is a never-ending process, we've still got some problems to sort out before Saturday. We've got everything in place to paint continuous/random lines, but painting random dots is still giving us some trouble: it (the brush head) gets hung up. We're thinking that's because it keeps returning to the same position, but more testing's needed.

It's hard to believe, but despite the hardware issues to sort out, Project MoNet is officially wrapping up. All that's left (for now) is to share what we've done these past few months with you.

You can visit the Maker Faire website here to buy tickets, and view a map of the faire here. We'll be over by the Drone Zone/Maker's Mall area, so stop by and see us.

Hope to see you Saturday!