Greetings dear reader!

With less than a month to Maker Faire, we're in the closing days of Project MoNet's development. Not to worry though, there's still plenty to discuss!

Baby Pictures

In case you missed it, we shared MoNet's proof of concept pictures on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Here's a snapshot:

Hey, even Monet had to start somewhere.

Even without the brush head, MoNet was able to apply paint without it blending into some unnamed color. Progress! As a bonus, we also answered last week's ponderable about how to mix paint (unexpectedly.) The test runs showed that the paint was actually mixing inside the tubes, without any sort of pump. Yes, it's just being dumped onto the canvas in this picture, but it's still mixed!

Also, as a fun party trick you can spray paint about 2 feet if there's enough air in the mix. Don't tell anyone though.

Paints and brushes, you say?

After that bit of good news, we started focusing our attention on the paint and brush itself.

Now this might be a bit of a shock, but the paint in that test picture is still kind of runny. Go ahead and take another look if you want, I'll wait. So the next ponderable on our list - how do we make the paint dry quicker? We're looking at additives but we're open to suggestions. We're also going to add paint reservoirs to the top of MoNet so gravity can contribute, instead of adding stress by making it draw paint up from the floor.

Ponderable number 2 is related to the brush. When MoNet starts painting, how best to apply the different colors? Our current line of thinking is to have the brush continually moving and to change colors periodically.

The (small) Snag

There's another reason we're putting gravity to work. It turns out that the paint we're using is too thick and is having trouble moving through the tubes.

Fortunately that's an easy fix. Bring on the bigger supply lines!

Color Sampler Upgrade

On a closing note, Jack's redone the color sampler page to use paper.js which solved the pesky issue of it crashing your phone. If you're curious, you can find it at and add to our color wall!

It's hard to believe, but there are only 3 posts left before Maker Faire - hope to see you there!

Until next time.