People discuss my art and pretend to understand, it as if it were necessary to understand, when it's simply necessary to love.

- Claude Monet

Hello there dear reader, you've arrived at the blog devoted to Project MoNet. Here we'll be covering its development as it goes from concept to Pittsburgh Maker Faire 2016 Exhibition!

While we wait for October, let's start by talking a bit about the project and the minds behind it.

Who's MoNet?

Monet (the human) was a founder of French Impressionist painting. You can read up on the inspiration behind the project at his Wikipedia page here. Claude Monet 1899 Nadar crop

Like the celebrated painter it's named for, MoNet is being built to create art. From what? From you, dear reader. Once finished, you'll be able to send MoNet pictures (via mobile) which will be processed and turned into semi-abstract paintings!

Since it's still early in development everything's being set up, but you can read more about how MoNet works on our About page. We'll also dive into the technical side as the project progresses for anyone who's curious.

Who are "we?" I'm glad you asked!

Meet the Team

Jack Heaton - Developer, tinkerer, and the brains behind project MoNet. You may know Jack's work from - if not, have a look.

Gareth Warren - Developer, Visual artist, member of Free Code Camp, and celebrated man of mystery.

Richard Zacur - Newbie developer, fellow Free Code Camper, and technical writer.

In addition to the blog, you can also find any project updates on our Facebook page.

Here's to MoNet, and we hope to see you in October!