Hello again, dear reader.

Today we're completing our hardware musings with a look at how MoNet's going to paint. Jack's also brought some more designs to the table, so we're going to share those as well.

We left off pondering brush types and these, as much as anything else in the project, are still being considered. The question is, without a sense of touch to gauge things like pressure, what kind of brush would best suit MoNet?

Here are the ideas so far.

Idea #1: Airbrush.

The Good
Easy access, simple design, takes a lot of guesswork out of the equation...

The Bad
...Except when you consider other factors like paint/airflow. Airbrushing (while incredible in the hands of a skilled artist) also requires a gentle touch and some finesse.

Idea #2: Traditional brush

The Good
Plastic nibs, flex rubber, different types of brushes/brush heads abound, allowing for a (possibly) greater variety of painting styles than airbrushing.

The Bad
Ever grind a pencil tip down to a nub without realizing it? Take that, and remove your ability to perceive that something's wrong.

Idea #3: Why not both?

Interchangeability! A brush head mount that lets you switch between airbrushes, traditional brushes, and other types not covered here? Why yes, we'll have some more of that, please.

As of this post, this type's the winner.

New designs and other ponderables

With these two major points on the design table, there's still plenty of work to be done. These, however, bring up an important question.

Last time we posted some initial designs for MoNet - you can check them out here. For lack of a better phrase, we're looking to go big with MoNet. Would either of these designs allow us to scale up accordingly?


However, since there's only one October 2016, we need to do better than that. So that means MoNet will have to have a modular design.

With that in mind, enjoy these new screenshots of MoNet, made in Sketchup.

Top - MoNet Overview.
Bottom - Close up on the track system.
Not pictured - The paint head and track. To be added next time.

With all that in mind, it's time to start thinking about materials and putting the body together.

Work calls, so see you next time!