79 Days to Maker Faire

Hello, dear reader.

MoNet's debut is 79 days away, and our first construction meetup will be Saturday. So, of course, that's what's we're discussing this week.

Parts & Preparation

We've already gone into detail about what we're using to build MoNet. Jack's spent time picking up some last minute parts for the chassis and, of course, an easel this week. Monet would stroke his beard in approval. Perhaps.

Room's cleared for the construction as well. We're following the Steve Jobs/Steve Wozniak method by building the project inside Jack's garage. Our goal isn't as lofty, but in trying to build the best painting robot possible...you never know.

It's a shame we don't have this kind of time, though.

Yet this simple act has already taught us something important. When coding you declare variables, functions and more to store info and make your code do things (technical term.) You can also re-declare these bits of code so they can do different things/store different information instead. Straightforward, right?

While the details are sketchy (pun not intended,) re-declaring functions can have consequences. Involving $200 of parts that became projectiles. We'll pause here for a moment while your imagination fills in the blanks.

In our next post we'll include some pics of MoNet's construction along with our usual update. We're looking forward to sharing them with you, so see you next time!