Countdown to Pittsburgh Maker Faire 2016

Hello dear reader, the project MoNet team is in a bit of a lull this week (hence the short post,) but there's still some news to be shared.

It's hard to believe, but we're midway through July and the Pittsburgh Maker Faire is only 3 months out!

Hurry up and wait!

In our last post we covered the bits and pieces of hardware we've purchased. We've also got CAD designs underway and are about to start laser cutting MoNet's chassis. We've got the drive and the desire to put everything together.

What we don't have are all the parts.

Until the rest of MoNet's hardware arrives (which should be some time this week,) we are officially stuck. Work on the back-end has also come to a stop with the program's administrative page being (nearly) complete. Once everything arrives, the team will get together and MoNet's construction will begin.

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is realize you can't do anything. In the meantime though, there's work to be done on Free Code Camp, so see you next week!