Greetings dear reader!

It's been a bit of a slow week, but if you saw our Facebook page yesterday, you might have an idea of what we're going to talk about this week. That's right - lasers.

Oops...spoilers. I meant tracks.

MoNet's easel received an upgrade over the past few days with the addition of tracks to cover side-to-side motion. Now it's pulling double duty, holding the rig for the brush head mount.

What rig? I'm glad you asked!

This one!

You're looking at (part of) the laser-cut rig that'll be used to move the brush head across the canvas. It's pretty straightforward in design as you can see here:

Art on wheels, anyone?

Naturally it's still unfinished, but the X axis is now covered. One more direction to go!

Jack's been at work harnessing the power of - insert air quotes here - lasers to cut some more pieces of MoNet's chassis the past few days as well. Here's some pictures of science & technology in action:



And to shift mediums for a moment, after some tweaking our control unit's now able to turn the motor (star of last week's post) slowly instead of full tilt all the time.

Why does that matter, you may be wondering. In short, that's going to help us to control the paint pumps more effectively, and generally make it easier to handle that part.

To close out this week, we've got some videos up on our Facebook/Twitter pages of MoNet's rail system and the laser-cutting at work. Stop by and take a look!

See you next week!